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Magic man created chaos by summoning towns to Mars after opening the door of dimensions using Magic Stone. Cartoon Network world needs your braveness & strategy to get its peace back. Enter the Arena. Make your fantastic team. Control your team and destroy the guardian and crystal tower to save the world. Finn, Jake and many Cartoon Network friends are waiting for you! - Collect various Cartoon Network character cards! - Select 8 Cartoon Network cards to utilize in your decks - Use the deck with your strategy to win the victory in Arena battle - Take opponent's card and place them in your decks in [Win Card Mode] - Place right units for each Top, Mid, and Bottom lines in Arena - Utilize building line between unit lines to escape danger - Destroy castle on the Mid line and occupy as many tiles as possible by using each character's strength - Uncle Grandpa, Ben Tennyson and many more transformation characters and costumes! - Use Cartoon Network character emoticon during Arena battles to show your emotions - Meet various cartoon characters that you love in Cartoon Network Arena! * Adventure Time * Uncle Grandpa * Ben 10 * Mighty Magiswords * The Powerpuff Girls * We Bare Bears * Steven Universe The first PVP RTS with Cartoon Network characters! We invite you to the world where your favorite characters are moving alive. Start Cartoon Network Arena now and show off your strategy to your family and friends! http://www.facebook.com/CN-Arena-1669237806496266/ http://popjoy.co.kr/ http://popjoy.co.kr/terms-of-service_kor/ http://popjoy.co.kr/personal-information-collection_kor/ http://popjoy.co.kr/shopping_terms_kor/ When using the App, we require permission to provide the following services. 1. Essential Access Authority - Storage Space : Necessary for program installation and data storage within device 2. How to withdraw Access Authority - Android 6.0 and up: Setting > App > Select Authority> Authority List > Select Access Authority Agree or Withdraw - Android 6.0 and down: Upgrade OS to withdraw access authority or delete App * The app can neglect individual consent function and withdraw access authority through procedures aforementioned.
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  • Ninitrome
    2018-12-09 12:05:34

    c bien

  • Henrique games plays
    2018-12-02 14:32:11

    se o nome do jogo tem arena e é de batalha né daaaa

  • Henrique games plays
    2018-12-02 14:32:09

    se o nome do jogo tem arena e é de batalha né daaaa

  • Diego Garcia
    2018-11-26 00:25:56

    nada vê mano